Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 2012 Obessions♡

This year has gone by soo fast! Here are major fashion trends of this year, and things that I just love! What were some of your fav trends? Least fav? Here are some of the things I loved about this year:

To be honest, I hated collar tops! Not until this year! I don't know how, but they just seemed soo chic & fashinoable! I think sequined collar tops are also so amazing- you can pair those with plain skinny jeans! I've got to say, I'm in love with collars now! Especially sequined collars- I think the sequins add ALOT of fab, enough to wear to a party!

Sequin Pocket Blouse
Sam & Lavi Agness BlouseLace Collar Sweater #sweaterweather

I love rings! I was always on a lookout for Forever 21 rings- they are just soo amazing! My jewelry style is  fierce, but at times cute. Spikes were soo trendy this year! But back on track, I bought tons of rings this year! My favs from Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe. I went to Charlotte Russe for my very first time, and they have the most amazing jewelry! I will be doing a my fav rings review soon, so stay tuned for that because that is going to blow your mind ;) Anyways, I had this huge thing for knuckle rings. I think they are just such a fierce add on, I love them sooo much! Below are some rings I have, and some that you might like from this year. They are linked incase you need to buy them!

To die for!    Forever 21
How amazing is this?!
Can't find any more good pics :( Again, stay tuned for my fav rings review, (My next post!) that will be exciting :D

Printed Jeans
Another major trend starting in the spring! From chic floral prints, to more abstract prints during the fall! I think they are so amazing to pair up with plain tops, and they just complete an outfit! 

Current/Elliott The Ankle Skinny Jeans - Black Tie DyeCURRENT/ELLIOTT The Stiletto Khaki Paisley 7/8 Jeans

Always such a fierce, biker look! I find it soo stylish! Leather skinny jeans with a floral top are gorgeous!! I alo saw alot of spikes on leather jackets, and I fell in love!!

Happy new year, and hope it's filled with exciting fashion trends!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Year's Outfit❄

2013 is almost here! Here's an inspiration for what you could possibly wear to a New Year's party:

I picked out a super fab one-sleeved sequined dress. I didn't want an all-black outfit, so I added those dark green/grey pumps. I think the Alexander McQueen boxed clutch finish out the outfit. Also added the matching dark-green nail polish & extra volume mascara.

Sequined Dress | £59.95
Pumps | $390
Clutch | $1895
Mascara | £14
Nail polish | £14

Happy holiday's!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Wishlist & EOS Review♡

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Hey lovelies! So here's a couple of things on my current wishlist... Someone gift me the Michael Kors watch please? ;)

I am craving any items that inclue spikes or studs at the moment! I think just one thing like that adds a whole new level of fierce to an outfit! I have seen the spiked bracelet at Forever 21 with rhinestones, but no other store near me sells those :( Also, the Micheal Kors watch is just sooo fabulous! 

Gucci clutch - $1,225
Spike loafers - $198

And here's the EOS lip balm review I mentioned in my last post:

Summer Fruit Lip Balm Sphere

I have been using this flavor (Summer fruit) for a while, and I have got to say, they are amazing! They make your lips super soft! There are 7 flavors. You could purchase them online here. But you can also find them at your local drugstore. ( I got mines from Walmart). This one I got was for $3.29. You can also buy them in a pack of six different flavors at Costco or probably in Target for $15. I highly recommend these, they work perfectly. I also loved the look-- a sphere balm. It's so orginal and fun to try. They sell there lip balms in a stick form too. I haven't tried there other products yet, but EOS also sells hand & body lotion, and shave cream.

Happy holiday's!

Holiday Inspirations☆

Here are some outfits to wear during the holidays, hope this helped :)

Outfit #1: Party

Red Lace Dress - $64
Red Heels - $551
Ear Cuff - $18
Silver clutch - $1,450

Outfit #2: Casual

A casual outfit. I'm in love with those boots!

Sweater - $34
Jeans - $779
Boots - £50
Crossbody - $33

Outfit #3: Romantic

This outfit is soo romantic with the high-waisted skirt! The cream colored bag goes perfectly with the this outfit!

Top - $45
Skirt -  £15
Cross body - £20
Pumps - $551

Happy holiday's!