Thursday, August 23, 2012

Forever 21 Haul

Heyy ladies! Here's my veryyy first post! :D l! I am in loveee with rings! So here are the things I got--

Soo, I got three rings from Forever 21! I'll start with my fav- the turqoise tribal ring! It is soo antique and cute! I'm in love with it! Whatever chance I get, I wear it! I ordered these online. So the Tribal Ring was for around $5.80. My second fav ring, is the light pink gold outlined one! It is soo chic! I <3 it! That one was for $4.80. And then the huge almond shape stone ring! I wear it sometimes, with plain clothes so that there's not too much, because it also has rhinestones around it. Then there's the owl necklace<3 It is soo adorable! I definitely recommend it! It goes with just about anything! That was for $3.80. And then my pearl bracelets! I got three in one for $5 I think. The green emerald ring is from Aldo. I am in love with big stone rings. Comment what you think!!(:

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