Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nine West Tunnel Review!♥

Hello! I haven't posted in forever!! It's because i'm uber busy with school, tests, & homework! I'm a freshman in high school now, so kinda getting used to all of this. LOL but anyways, I will start adding more pics, DIYS, and maybe an outfit of the day. I might also do a EOS lip balm review, which are soo amazing by the way!(: I'd love suggestions of what you guys would like to see, so comment!  But for now, here's a review one the Nine West Tunnel cross body that I recently got, which I am in LOVE with!!

Nine West Tunnel cross body

Inside pockets

I am in love with the reptile print! It is gorgeous<3 So this bag, I got from Burlington and it was for $18.00 including tax & all. But this is soo gorgeous! I lovelovelove the print. It has 3 big pockets, You can also use it as a mini bag thingy, because you can pull the straps. It's shiny/slippery. You can check out this babe at http://www.dsw.com/handbag/nine+west+tunnels+cross+body+bag?prodId=253426 or purchase it :) I haven't had a chance to wear it YET, but I will wear it with an outfit consisting of black. I will also post pics when I wear it, so yeah :) But I definitely recommend this bag, it's cute, chic, and the print is adorable! 
5/5 from me :) If you have any questions regarding this bag/review, comment below, I'd love to help! :) 


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  1. Cute bag! If you add Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin, let me know, so I can follow you.