Sunday, May 5, 2013

Snakeskin Tote & April Favs!♥

Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn't know where to go shopping.
-Bo Derek

I've been extremely busy with exams going on at school, so I do apologize for lack of posts. So my birthday was on April 23, and just today I got the perfect thing to purchase with the money I got. :) I am soo excited to share it with you all, & the info is below if you're interested in purchasing it.

Don't you just love it?!? I am obsessed with snakeskin, and when I saw this, I loved it! I love the coral on the sides, it adds a pop of color. The sides are also snakeskin texture. I think it's great for travel as well, as it is pretty large. Anyways, this is from JcPenny and the brand is Cosmopolitan. Click here if you'd like to purchase it online. This & this are the same, except they're black and blue. Also, I just realized this looks a lot like the Celine luggage totes. I can't wait to go somewhere so I can wear it!! :D

So this post is also about some of my favorite beauty products of April! I don't have many, because I usually do my research when purchasing beauty products and I turn out loving them all.

The Olay lotion is just amazing. I love it so much. You can just put some on in the morning right after washing your face. It does not leave your skin oily like I feel other moisturizers do to my skin. And it also smells super good! I have run out of it, and I think it is not sold any more, but I have found a like of them selling it on Amazon here. It's great to use when your going to be applying more make-up.

So now one of my favorite, favorite, the L'Oreal nail polish! Oh my gosh I love this soo much! It's so amazing, and I love the brush- the width is perfect enough to cover your whole nail in one stroke. It's just perfect, and I definitely recommend it. It is part of L'Oreal's Spring 2013 collection, Versailles Romance. It's called Macaroon Me Madly, and you can get yours ant any drugstore. I got mines from Target for $6.

EOS Lip balm is like a lip balm that actually works & gives a nice shine. Mines is the EOS Summer Fruit. I got mine's from target for $3. Here's the link. It is natural and has this sweet honey-like scent.

So next is another lip product- Baby Lips. I think these are soo cute! They all smell really good. So they are also pretty moisturizing, and have a nice shine. Some of them are like a lip balm and color all in one. This one smells like cotton candy, and is called In Quenched. Here it is at Target for $3.

So the last product is my most used one. It is the L'Oreal carbon black liquid eyeliner. I have re-purchased this at least 4 times now. It's this amazing solid black liquid eyeliner, and I love how it has this fine point and it's soo easy to work with when applying. I use it to make a nice winged-eyeliner, and this is perfect for the job! You can buy it from any drugstore for $8. I got mines from Walmart.

So I do hope this post made up for my inactivity ;) Hope you guys liked some of these products and purchase them, and do let me know how it turns out in the comments if you do! :) Also, I'd love to know what you think of my new bag :D



  1. What a lovely bag! Love all the prints!


  2. happy belated birthday! that's my mothers bday as well! and that bag is GORGEOUS!!! it looks just like the Celine Trapeze bag!!! beautiful


    1. Thank you!! :) I know right, that's what I was thinking :D