Friday, June 21, 2013

Pull&Bear Finds

Hey loves! I have found this amazing website, and it has the best.things.ever! It has stores all over the world but the US :( I wanted to share some of the things I am looking forward to purchasing from their online store. They have great things, and aren't very expensive. *The prices are shown in British Pounds, & just in case your wondering: £1 = $1.3  EX: £7.99 = $10*

Stone & Turquoise Necklace | £ 7.99
Print Top | £ 7.99
I don't wear shorts/skirts but for those of you who do, these are sooo cute!
Ecru Shorts W/ Embroidery Detail | £19.99
Oriental Print Skirt | £15.99 

           Crossover Strap Wedges | £29.99
                    Fashion Plimsolls | £19.99

They also have bathing suits with amazing prints, and there's one with tassels, it's amazing! The store focuses on young people and mot of their clothing is laid-band and this urban style going on. Everything is so cool, but sadly they do not have store in the U.S. I don't understand why! They have stores everywhere around the world, but the United States! Anyways here are pictures from their women's lookbook called Yumi.

 Photo: Daniel Riera 
                         Stylist: Alberto Murtra + Pull&Bear 
                     Makeup & Hair: Maria Martinez 

     Model: Yumi Lambert



Is this not amazing or what?!? Love this place. Hope you liked the things I picked and I did stumble upon this website on Polyvore. Have a great day, and comment below letting me know what some of your favorite pieces are from this lookbook!! [Palm tree top for me!] :)




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  3. Great collection! love the turquoise necklace the most :)

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  9. The styling is gorgeous!!! I think I'm going to buy that print tank as well. Very versatile piece. Thanks!!!

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