Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Favorites

   Victorias Secret "Pure Seduction" Body spray // Juicy Couture 'Viva la Juicy' Rollerball // L'oreal Lineur Liquid Eyeliner 'Carbon Black' // Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream 'Light' // Maybelline Color Whisper 'Coral Ambition' // Maybelline Color Whisper 'Cherry on Top' // Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush 'Fresh Pink' // EOS 'Pomegranate Raspberry'

Hey loves! Welcome to my very first post of 2014! I wanted to share my favorite and most-used products of 2013 with you guys. They are amazing and I would recommend them to you 100%!

The first two are delicious scents. A light body spray and a floral-scented rollerball from Juicy Couture. The third product is my liquid eyeliner which I have probably bought over 5 times. Fourth is my BB cream which was love at first sight. Perfect to hydrate and settle any uneven skin tone. It's not as heavy as a liquid foundation. I highly recommend if you don't have (or barely) any acne and just need a nice moisturizer and something that would make your skin look effortlessly flawless. The next two are my favorite lip colors. The perfect colors for spring/summer. Seventh favorite is my dream bouncy blush. It's creamy and very easy to apply. And the last product is my EOS lip balm. It is my second  EOS (completely finished my first one!). They are amazing and work wonders on chapped lips. I think they're the best lip balms, especially for those winter days!

What were your favorites of 2013? Are you looking forward to purchasing any of these items? Hope so, 'cause they were amazing!



  1. I love the eos lip balms, I have way too many to count
    -Maya Corbyn

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  3. Hey Fizza, had to remove the above comment, smt. happened with autocorrect lol. So we have love of cosmetics in common :) Some of my favorites are urban decay naked palette, True Religion perfume and Tarte lipstick. I am actually gearing up to write about other fave's soon. I love the EOS in your post, one of the best I think! Keep in touch, I will check back again soon too! Xo, Elif

  4. I have that Victoria Secret perfume too! Love it :) Great post sweetie! Would you like to follow each other?


  5. I love the Victoria Secrets body spray its just lovely, I bought it while I was in Florida and have never looked back best body spray! The EOS is such a must have beats all the lip balms we have here in the uk!

    Love the blog :)

    Jess -